Our Staff

These are some of the people at First Lutheran Church that help get things done. From pastoral leadership and care to music and building maintenance, these are a few of the people you can get in touch with. We’re only a phone call away +1 (815) 235-9790.

Keith Johnson

Keith Johnson – Pastor

Bill Blomberg – Parish Caller

Melissa Scace – Office Manager

Judy Castle

Judy Castle – Volunteer Coordinator

Dagny Brandt

Dagny Brandt – Music Coordinator, Celebration Choir & Kids of the Kingdom Director

Christina Parkinson

Christina Parkinson – Organist, Praise Band Director, Choir Accompanist

Jeffrey Wall

Jeffrey Wall – Bell Choir Director

Teresa Parkinson

Teresa Parkinson – Choir Accompanist

Elwyn Euler

Elwyn Euler – Custodian