Christian Education

At First Lutheran Church, we strive to provide ongoing Christian education for Christians of all ages. From Pre-School to Old School, we have a place for you.

Sunday School

Sunday School is held during the school year (September through May) for pre-school children through fourth grade. We have excellent teachers who meet with children usually from 9:30 a.m. through 10:30 a.m.

Sunday School Parents: If you wish to drop your children off for their Sunday School classes, please direct them to go to the Sanctuary where they will be attended until the 8:15 am worship service ends. Of course, please know that you are invited to attend worship as well!

The children enjoy music time, stories and working together on fun activities. Please feel free to bring your child or children anytime for a visit. Parents are always welcome to sit in too.

We look forward to seeing you next Sunday.


Confirmation is an educational program for fifth through eighth graders held on Sundays usually from 9:30 a.m through 10:30 a.m. Our program is a cooperative venture with our sister congregation at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church.

Adult Education

Currently, our adult education program is being worked on. If you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to let us know!


Searching for God?

Diakonia is a lay education program in certain ELCA synods which provides a spiritual journey to those who wish to become more involved in their church or who want to better understand their faith.

Vacation Bible School

Our Vacation Bible School is an ecumenical venture with other Freeport Area churches. Vacation Bible School is usually held at Oakdale Nature Preserve in the late-spring / mid-June. Please contact us if you are interested in sending your child or children to Vacation Bible School.