First Lutheran’s mission includes working with those in our community who need assistance. Some of the ways in which First Lutheran Church participates in our community include offering a Tutoring and Mentoring Program, collecting food and clothing for FACC and assisting with our local shelter program for homeless people.

Cygnet Ministries

Cygnet Ministries

First Lutheran Church offers Cygnet Ministries to children living in the neighborhood surrounding the church on Mondays during the school year.

Freeport Area Church Cooperative (FACC)

The Freeport Area Church Cooperative is a coalition of churches and organizations working to meet the human and spiritual needs of the people in the Freeport Area. The coalition of twenty organizations provides emergency food, clothing and shelter; assistance with payments for emergency prescriptions, dental and eye care; job counseling and skill development; and a “read free” book center to all those in need.